Learning French with Short Stories: La Fontaine

Author: Jean de la Fontaine
Length: 01:38:59
# of tracks: 60
Narrator: Stuart Walker
Production Year: 2015
Explicit language: none
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Learn French the easy way with our collection “Learning French with short stories”. This album focuses exclusively on the well-known Fables de La Fontaine, which every French child knows by heart. You will hear professional comedians reading in a clear and intelligible voice the same fable, first in French, and then in English, for you to compare and to get used to the melody of the words.

We gathered 30 of the most famous, beloved or original fables. The Raven and the fox; The Frog that wished to be as big as the Ox; The city rat and the Country rat; The council held by the rats; The Wolf and the Dog; The Fox and the Stork; The Dragon with many heads; The Wolf and the lamb; Death and the woodman; The man and his image; The Boy and the Schoolmaster; The Hornets and the Bees; The Lion grown old; The Frogs asking for a King; The Raven withing to imitate the Eagle; The Lion going to war; The Peacock complaining to Juno; The Countryman and the Serpent; The Cat metamorphosed into a Woman; The sick Lion and the Fox; The Hare and the Frogs; The Swan and the Cook; The Little Fish and the Fisher; The Cock and the Fox; The Wolf accusing the Fox; The Swallow and the Little Birds; The Middle-aged Man; The two Bulls and the Frog; The Bird wounded by an Arrow; The Bat and the Weasels.

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