How to Relax at Work

Author: John Mac
Length: 01:23:55
# of tracks: 10
Narrator: Stuart Walker
Production Year: 2015
Explicit language: none
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American worker productivity is high and continues to rise. According to a cross-national study released earlier this year by the International Labor Organization, American workers are the most productive in the world. This very high productivity at work could have some consequences like sleep problems, stress and anxiety related disorders, phobias, depression symptoms, burnout, difficulties to lose or gain weight, migraines and recurring headaches, addictions, digestives problems, chronic fatigue, stress related skin problems, and physical pain. Its necessary to find solutions and prevent or solve those problems, and to learn how to relax at work. Our audio method helps you to relax at work with advices, relaxation exercises, and meditation exercises. In addition, you can practice and listen to our audio guide after work, during a relaxing evening at home, to maximize the effects of this guided relaxation method to relax.
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