Author: John Mac
Length: 01:01:45
# of tracks: 10
Narrator: Stuart Walker
Production Year: 2015
Explicit language: none
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Sophrology is a body mind method to manage stress efficiently, sleep better and improve quality of life. Sophrology is a very popular method that has been used for over 40 years in Europe, in various places including sleep clinics, hospitals, schools, and much more. Sophrology is a structured method that enables you to reconnect with your inner resources and capacities to improve your health and achieve a greater sense of balance and wellbeing. To create long lasting positive changes in your life, you have to look within yourself. You have the keys to feel better in your body, calmer, more confident, more positive and more grounded. This method was developed by Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a Colombian Neuro-Psychiatrist, in 1960’s along his personal and professional journey. He presented in 1970 at the first International Sophrology Conference as an attempt to study scientifically the human consciousness, both a philosophy and a way of life as well as a therapy and a personal development technique.” He later said: “Sophrology is learning to live”. Our audio method gives you some informations, advices and exercises to discover and practive sophrology.